Why It’s Important to Be a Member of a Chamber of Commerce

Why It’s Important to Be a Member of a Chamber of Commerce.

A contributor for Boston.com asks: “Are local Chambers of Commerce still vital to a business?” The answer is obviously a big fat “yes!”

But in the modern world where social media reigns supreme, a young entrepreneur can easily dismiss the idea of joining a Chamber of Commerce. After all, harnessing the power of Facebook, Twitter, and all those social sites has never been easier. And to some young businesses, these sites are all they need to prosper.

Besides, many startups today are in the technology business. So what do they need a Chamber for?

Perhaps if startups see Chambers in the traditional sense, it can be quite difficult to convince them that these organizations play a vital role in their growth. Perhaps if we “modernize” or “reinvent” Chambers a little bit, but still capturing its very essence, these startups can gain a clearer perspective and eventually have a better appreciation.

Let’s go back to that question again, but this time, we answer it in a language that young or modern-day entrepreneurs can understand.

Think of a Chamber of Commerce as a powerful negotiator that can pull off terms that you can’t. For instance, it can demand better deals, promotion, and other offers from deal-of-the-day giants such as Groupon and Living Social.

Think of Chambers as a centralized employment hub. Do you need an employee but don’t have time to do interviews? Do you want a background check on a present employee? A Chamber gives you instant connection, and one call is all it takes to solve your employment problems.

Think of a Chamber as a centralized business intelligence. You can meet other businesses with the same nature, and perhaps you can share customer lists. Or together, you can analyze the trends and challenges in the industry and find a viable solution so all of you can grow.

These are just some of the ways that you can benefit from joining a Chamber of Commerce. Put things into perspective, and you’ll realize that there are far more benefits that Chambers can give you than if you rely on Facebook alone.

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